Payment automation

PayProp is automated portfolio management, accounting and banking rolled into one platform.

payment automation
Real-time data

Real-time data

PayProp is plugged directly into the banking system, so balances are real-time and accurate.

One solution

One solution

PayProp combines portfolio management, accounting and banking – never risk mistakes by re-typing anything again.

Incoming payments

Incoming payments

The system assists with automatic identification and allocation of incoming payments.

Outgoing payments

Outgoing payments

You set the rules and we automate the outgoing payments.



Get free online storage for instant file access – anytime, anywhere.

Invoices & statements

Invoices & statements

Tenants and owners receive automated invoices and statements.

Trusted accounting

Your clients' money and deposits are safe in our audited trust environment.

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AUP letter

Our auditors issue you with an AUP letter each year, confirming trust account balances, interest paid out etc.

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View actual damage deposit balances and movements per tenant.

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Live trust account data

Your trial balance matches your trust balance 100%. We know this because PayProp values come directly from bank files.

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User permissions

Customise user permissions to ensure each person can only do what you want them to do.

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Audit log

We keep a detailed and date-stamped audit log of each user’s actions on PayProp.

Tenant risk management

Find better tenants and prevent landlord losses with our tenant risk management solutions and support.

Tenant Assessment Reports

Our unique Tenant Assessment Report helps you select the best possible tenants, based on past payment performance and affordability.

tenant risk management
Integrated letters of demand

Integrated letters of demand

Improve past-due payment rates with our one-click letter of demand service.

Automated arrears reminders

Automated arrears reminders

Rent due? Dramatically improve payment with automated mobile and e-mail reminders!

Risk management training

Risk management training

Regular tenant risk management seminars keep you on the cutting edge.


Gain excellent visibility and control with detailed dashboard views and reports.

reporting dashboard

Generate reports

PayProp offers a wide range of client reports, giving you full transparency of all transactions. Generate reports for any date range since becoming a client.

keep landlords informed

Keep landlords informed

  • Owner statements show what has been received and what the money has been spent on.
  • Property statements provide all the information owners need for their annual tax returns.
identify high risk tenants at a glance

Identify high-risk tenants at a glance

Identify the highest-risk tenants in one report showing:

  • Who paid, who didn't and how much is owed.
  • How much is held on deposit.
  • The value of the next invoice and more.

Unlimited support

Your success is ours. No problem is too big or small!

Unlimited training

  • Attend as many training events, as often as you need.

Free leases

  • Unlimited phone and e-mail support, Monday to Friday from 08:00 – 17:30.
  • Free leases, mandates and tenant application forms.
  • All documents are updated annually by our lawyers to ensure legal compliance.
unlimited support

A friendly team of professionals is ready to help.

team of professionals

Call us on 087 820 7368

Unit management

Get the same trusted payment automation and trust account management, custom-delivered for sectional title, social housing and commercial letting markets.

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Trusted technology

Unit Management is an evolution of our core payment automation service trusted by thousands of letting agents.

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PayProp Unit Management provides unprecedented transparency between managing agents of large-scale rental schemes and their clients, offering trustees real-time view-only access to transactions, trust balances and supporting documents.

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Instant AGM reports

Within seconds, PayProp prepares an income statement, rent roll, age analysis and trust account statement directly from actual banking transaction data.

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Risk management

Even more impressive is the fact that our trust account environment is regularly audited, and that confirmation of client balances and interest as well as the regulatory status of the environment is regularly communicated to all our clients via PWC.


You can access PayProp from anywhere at any time – you don’t need to be in the office to run your portfolio.

Available anywhere

Available anywhere

PayProp is accessible on all devices. No updates or special hardware is required.



We use bank-grade encryption security so your data is safer than it can ever be on your own computer.

Everyone is informed

Everyone is informed

Your whole team sees the same information, reducing the constant need to report.

Priced to grow

PayProp’s fee is calculated as a percentage of your client account processing. Only pay for what you process.

Efficiency gains

Efficiency gains

PayProp lets you do more and grow faster without adding to your cost base.

Save on costs

Save on bank costs

Our negotiated bank fees are on average 35% cheaper than that of most banks.

Extras are free

Extras are free

Add as many users as you need, at no extra charge. We also don’t charge for training or webinars.

Trusted by top agencies

“Since I’ve started to use PayProp things have changed so rapidly, it’s like it is growing with me!”


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